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I am an automation engineer based in Bengaluru, currently working with Tata Consumer Products.

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Hi! I am Shelwyn Corte

Working in the IT industry for 10+ years. I specialize in automation, covering business areas like (sales automations, cross platform application integration, incident management solutions, help-desk solutions, strategy & marketing, and more).

Teamwork and collaboration
Problem solving

Unisys India

2007 - 2017

Program Manager

Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

2017 - 2019

Specialist Software Engineer

Tata Global Beverages

2019 - Present

Automation Engineer


Learn with me

IoT based alcohol dispencer, (MQTT [Python] and Raspberry pi).

IoT based smart lockers, built with nodemcu[C++] (SMSGateway - Database).

Artificial Legs Similation, built with nodemcu[C++].

People detection with YOLO, (Python).

IoT based juice dispencer, built on Raspberry pi with Siri (Siri - IFTTT - MQTT[Python]).

Dancing robot, built on arduino [C++]

Remote laptop shutdown with Alexa. (Python - IFTTT - Alexa)

IoT shop floor simulation, built on nodemcu [C++]

Universal speech translator.(Python)

IoT based whiskey dispencer, built with nodemcu[C++] (Alexa - IFTTT - MQTT [Python]).

Alexa skills with AWS lambda (Python)

Office assistant with SIRI.(SIRI - IFTTT - MQTT [Python])

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Write to me @: shelwyn.corte@outlook.com | Call me @: 9620214631.